Bring Your Water Feature Back to Life! We Repair Koi Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls across the Carolina Midlands

If your water feature has stopped working then your koi pond or fountain is little more than a home for mosquitos! We’re experts at koi pond & water feature repair and will get your water flowing once more!

Water Feature Repair and Maintenance Service Lexington SC


Water Fountains

Water fountains date back to antiquity, adding visual charm and a pleasant background burble. But, clogged pumps, malfunctioning impellers, leaking liners, and electrical problems can all conspire to silence your fountain. Let our expert fountain repair technicians get your fountain up and running!


Decorative Ponds

From koi ponds to reflecting ponds, decorative ponds add elegance to any landscape design. More than just holes filled with water, ponds are living ecosystems that require pumps, aeration, and filtration, and thus pond maintenance is essential. If your pond has gone awry, let us help set it right!


Decorative Waterfalls

Cascading water is timelessly beautiful, but these flowing water features require significant flow to work properly. Keeping your backyard pond’s Niagara flowing requires regular maintenance, and the occasional repair. Our water feature repair service ensures that your backyard falls stay majestic.

Why Work With Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair

Experienced Team

Busy Bee has been serving Columbia since 2006, and our experienced water feature repair team has years of experience to call on. We’re professionals who specialize in pond and fountain pump repair, so you can trust us to get your water feature back up and running!


Top Quality Products

There are dozens of major pump and filter brands on the market, and we service them all. From pond filter maintenance to impeller repairs to electrical work, we’re experts at water feature maintenance. Give us a call and we’ll diagnose and resolve your water feature’s issues!

No Appointment Windows

Everyone who has hired someone to work on their house has received the answer of “I’ll be there between 12 o’clock and 4.” At Busy Bee we’re different – we tell you when we’ll arrive and stick to it. No more waiting around all afternoon!

About Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair

Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair has been providing water feature repair and maintenance services since 2006. In addition to maintaining and repairing water features, we also install, repair, and maintain irrigation systems and landscape lighting.

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We serve Lexington, West Columbia, Irmo, Columbia, Cayce, Elgin, Blythewood, and the surrounding areas.

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