Fix Leaking Sprinkler Heads To Save Money and Improve Your Lawn’s Health in Columbia SC

When sprinkler systems fail they waste water, hurt your grass, and raise your utility bills! We provide expert sprinkler repair services and will make your irrigation system good as new!

Broken Sprinklers Damage Your Lawn and Cost You Money

If you’ve got a broken sprinkler head that turns into a geyser every time you water your lawn, you’re risking over watering some areas and under watering others. Making matters worse, damaged sprinkler systems can waste thousands of gallons of water, costing you big on your utility bills!

Let our irrigation system repair technicians get your system operating at 100% and enjoy a healthier lawn and lower monthly water bills.

Common Irrigation System Problems


Malfunctioning Sprinkler Heads

If your sprinkler heads are spraying unevenly or not at all there could be a variety of causes. An irrigation valve may be sticking, the nozzles may be clogged, or sometimes DIY repairs or improper installation has resulted in mismatched precipitation rates for your lawn sprinkler heads.


Split or Leaking Pipes

The pipes for irrigation services are almost always PVC and even when installed correctly will eventually crack and fail. If you notice a soggy spot in your yard, higher water bills than expected, or decreased water pressure in your irrigation system, you may have a broken or leaking pipe.


Faulty Solenoids and Valves

Solenoids are electronically actuated devices which open and shut irrigation system valves. If these valves malfunction, water may flow from your sprinkler nozzles even after the cycle is complete. If the wiring to these solenoids goes bad, or if you have a broken wire, they may not open at all when the system engages, resulting in inoperable zones.

Why Work With Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair

Experienced Team

Busy Bee has been serving Columbia since 2006, and our experienced sprinkler system repair team has years of experience to call on. We’re professionals who specialize in irrigation repair, so you can trust us to get your sprinkler project right!


We Repair All Sprinkler Systems

We are Rain Bird Preferred Providers and rebuild Rain Bird valves. Additionally, we offer sprinkler repair services for all major brands of sprinkler systems, including Hunter, Rain Bird, and Weathermatic. From diagnosing difficult problems to ensuring your issue is fully resolved, we’re here to help with your lawn sprinkler repair needs.

No Appointment Windows

Everyone who has hired someone to work on their house has received the answer of “I’ll be there between 12 o’clock and 4.” At Busy Bee we’re different – we tell you when we’ll arrive and stick to it. No more waiting around all afternoon!

About Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair

Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair has been providing sprinkler system repair services since 2006. In addition to installing, maintaining, and repairing sprinkler systems, we also provide landscape lighting installation and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m changing my landscape design and want to upgrade my existing sprinkler system, do I need to replace the entire system?

We can add zones to your system to accommodate any changes to your landscape design including drip irrigation for new plantings or standard zones for lawns. We can assess your current system and determine what solution will be best for you.

My sprinkler is leaking uncontrollably, how do I turn it off?

The best short-term solution for a sprinkler system which is leaking uncontrollably is to turn off the shut-off valve, also known as the backflow control valve. This valve is usually located near your water meter in a green box.

What do I do if I have a stuck valve?

The best solution for a stuck valve is to turn off your shut-off valve. Since stuck valves are not electrical problems, you cannot fix this by turning off your sprinkler’s control panel.

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