Busy Bee Lawn Care and Sprinkler Repair has been serving Columbia SC and the surrounding areas since 2006.

Originally focused primarily on lawn care, over the years we’ve noticed that the Midlands lacked reputable sprinkler repair companies, resulting in lots of perennially out of service sprinkler systems.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and learned the skills necessary to repair all major brands of sprinkler systems, even going so far as to become a RainBird preferred provider and certified rebuilder of RainBird sprinkler valves.

From sprinklers it was only a small jump to outdoor lighting and water feature repair, as these systems share many similarities with outdoor irrigation systems. Today Busy Bee offers installation, maintenance, and repair services for sprinkler systems and landscape lighting, repair and maintenance services for water features, and lawn care.

If you’re tired of toiling in your yard and want to spend more time enjoying it, give Busy Bee a buzz!